April-May: This is the time that you prep your garden, plant, and prepare your yard for a beautiful spring and summer. Aerating is a key element in having a plush, full lawn year after year. In the spring, you should aerate, seed, fertalize, and top dress (a combination of manure and top soil, or top soil and leaf mulch--either provides a high content of nitrogen to the yard to ensure growth). The combination of oxygen and nitrogen will produce an admired yard. Early spring is also the time for proper pruning of your roses, crepe myrtles, ornamental grasses, and lirope.


September and October are the months that offers the best opportunity to rejuvenate your lawn after this summer's heat stress. Now is the best time to fertilize, and West Landscapes suggests using environmentally friendly, phosphorus-free fertilizer. September is also the best time to aerate and seed. Other things you should be thinking about include:

  • planting shrubs and trees
  • replacing hardwood shredded mulch with leaf mulch with a high concentration of nitrogen, which feeds your plants all winter long while they are dormant and will help your spring flowers bloom
  • cutting back your black eyed Susans and coneheads at the midway point, which encourages plant growth for the following season, while cleaning up this season's site.







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